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Product & Service

As a machinery manufacturer, Shanghai Tianjin has a track record and experience in delivering products to public infrastructure such as subways. This product is remotely managed by implementing a controller that uses specialized natural language processing technology for which Marca Robotex has applied for a patent as the main technology. We provide maintenance in the enterprise area, including design and development of machines optimized for customer purposes and customization of general-purpose products.

Design and maintenance of sewage treatment layer

We perform everything from preliminary inspection to design for bio-processing equipment using aerobic treatment Even after operation begins, blowers and submersible pumps continue can lead to problems due to deterioration over time. If the amount of air discharged by the blower or the pumping capacity of the pump decreases, the functionality of the equipment cannot be maintained. We use remote monitoring and regular maintenance to quickly identify replace equipment and parts as necessary.

Design of farmed fish tanks and fresh fish transportation vehicles in China

We design and construct aquariums for land breeding and market live fish auctions using our strong caproa and polyethylene or FRP aquariums . We also have experience in designing and delivering live fish transportation vehicles with water temperature control in China , so please contact us.

Sub-lot production of aluminum die-cast products

We produce aluminum battery storage boxes for BEVs in China, and we also design and process steel products such as reducers, rotors, stators, and brackets for small motors in small batches.。

Sales and maintenance of conveyor metal detectors

We import, sell, and maintain multi-zone detection equipment that uses meter-reading devices to eliminate foreign objects such as clothing and proprietary security inspection software for baggage inspection at airports and .

Sales and maintenance of high-speed non-destructive testing equipment for metal products

A high-resolution line sensor that uses X-rays can perform transmission . It is now possible to detect burrs inside metal products and abnormalities in bent pipes, which could previously be done visually .

Import/export of machinery and intermediary trade

Even the best products require proper maintenance even after they are transported and installed where they are needed, and even after they are put into use . It is also necessary to comply with Japan’s trade controls and the laws of related countries. We have extensive trading experience in China and Southeast Asian countries, so please contact us.。

Support for manufacturing expansion into the Republic of the Union of Myanmar

The political situation has continued to be unstable since the coup in 2021, but there has been an impression that things have calmed down recently. Shopping malls in Yangon, the largest city, are crowded with young locals and families . However, I don’t see Starbucks, McDonald’s, or Coca- Cola, and I don’t see many foreigners walking around. Among Japanese companies, Kirin Beer has withdrawn, but Aeon, a major distribution company, is working hard through joint ventures with local companies. The interest and expectations of Myanmar people towards Japan are beyond imagination, and they are currently waiting for the political situation to stabilize and business to open in earnest. Please contact us if you are interested in expanding into a company or outsourcing production .